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Gary and Paula Aardal started Associated Services in 1976. They created the company in hopes to be all about water wells and anything associated with them, which constitutes the name. What used to be a sole proprietorship has grown to be an established corporation. Associated Services incorporated in 2000 becoming Associated Well Services, Inc when Gary and Paula saw that they had more than just a small family business. The company now has over 25 employees which currently operates three services crews, two drilling crews and four office administrators.


Along with Gary and Paula their son Colton has played a large part in the growth to the company. Colton has earned his drilling and pump installation licenses making him a valuable asset to the company. While working along side Gary,  Colton has learned how to manage and grow the business. With all the changes and growth that this country has to offer, Associated Well Services, Inc hopes to be up to date, efficient and on top of the industry now and in the future.

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