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Solar water pumping systems can be a practical and affordable solution used to provide reliable and cost effective water supplies where there is no grid power or where power supply is unreliable. The advantages of these systems include:

  • Solar pumps operate anywhere the sun shines.

  • System productivity increases in summer when water requirement is usually greater.

  • Require minimal service and maintenance Powered by clean, renewable energy virtually free to operate, compared to the cost of diesel-powered generators and grid electricity which is constantly increasing.


Solar water pumping is easily relocated to meet seasonal or variable location needs because solar systems only operate during daylight hours the water pumped out is typically stored in a storage tank for use 24 hours per day, to ensure constant availability of water. The tank capacity should be designed to allow for rainy or cloudy days (no sun days) when pumping will be limited. The size and dimensions of the storage tank is determined based on the required number of day’s storage. If large storage tanks are impractical, back up batteries or a generator can also be incorporated in the design to allow for prolonged periods of no sun days that will eventually empty the water storage tank.

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